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Collecting and promoting good stories is at the heart of everything that Storyagent does.

How many times have you heard of a best-selling book or amazing script turned down by countless agents, over many years, before it found its way to the right producer and became a stellar success?

There are countless great writers out there who want a faster, easier, more transparent way to get their stories to producers.

There is always a Producer for each story whether it be for a feature film, tv series documentary or docu-series.

Storyagent is here to help.
For Storytellers
Storyagent provides an easy story submission protocol, along with a basic Story Desk service where each story is optimized and categorized to increase its chances to get noticed by a Producer.
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For Producers
It has never been easier to option or to buy out the rights to a story. Each story will have a transparent record of transactions and ownership, which is based on blockchain technology and verifiable on blockchain explorer.
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creativity & diversity

Storyagent is filling up with amazing original stories.

Storyagent has built a system of evaluation which is powered by a community of writers, editors and specialists named Story Pros.
Story Pros are story enthusiasts located all over the world who provide critical feedback on each story they read. Algorithms are used to crunch the data and provide a solid evaluation for each story’s audience potential.

If you feel like you fit the mold of a Story Pro and would like to start earning for your efforts, please sign up here.

Copyright on the Blockchain!

Stoyagent is built on blockchain technology to ensure copyright protection of content and to enforce transparency in transactions.

Stoyagent uses a series of Smart contracts which automatically execute according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.
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Storyagent is the first platform that offers copyright protection based on Blockchain technology.

This protocol will provide the fastest and most transparent source of information regarding a story that was initially created on Storyagent.


A very exciting and competitive new market has opened for interactive TV shows and films.

Interactive content where each choice leads up to a different outcome, is better than static content at grabbing audiences’ attention.
Research shows that kids are already constantly touching every screen and think everything is interactive and that kids actually enjoy interacting with such programs.

Storyagent has integrated tools for Storytellers to develop interactive stories and share them directly to Producers.

Writing tools

Storyagent has integrated Event Registry API which is the world’s leading media intelligence platform, analyzing news published by over 30,000 news, blogs, and PR sources in real time.

You can filter the content by keywords, entities, sources, categories, locations, and sentiment. Use semantic search to find people, locations, organizations, and things from raw news content in 35 languages.
With Event Registry Storytellers can track the popularity of stories, topics and events and create fact based narratives with attached proof and sourcing.
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