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Our Mission

Collecting and promoting good stories is at the heart of everything that Storyagent does.

We're changing the way stories are sold to producers by giving Storytellers and Producers access to powerful tools. Traditional Agents have held onto their role as middlemen for long enough. They can be frustrating slow, selective and expensive. How many times have you heard of a best-selling book or amazing script turned down by countless agents, over many years, before it found its way to the right producer and became a stellar success? There are countless great writers out there who want a faster, easier, more transparent way to get their stories to producers.

We’re here to help.

Storyagent was founded in 2018 by Tomi Cegnar. Since then, we’re proud to have built a network of world-class storytelling professionals and helped connect scores of stories to Producers.
Tomi Cegnar
Founder of Storyagent
For Storytellers
Storyagent is a platform to sell your stories to film Producers. The platform provides an easy story submission protocol, along with a basic Story Desk service where each story is optimized and categorized to increase its chances to get noticed by a potential buyer - film Producers.
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For Producers
Your next great film, TV show, documentary or series is waiting for you on Storyagent. It has never been easier to option or to buy out the rights to a story. Each story will have a transparent record of transactions and ownership, for which we use blockchain technology.
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creativity & diversity

Our goal is to fill Storyagent with amazing unproduced stories which Producers will browse and option.

We are developing a complex system of evaluation which is powered by a pre-vetted community of writers, editors and specialists who we call Story Pros.
Story Pros are story enthusiasts located all over the world who provide critical feedback on each story they read. We use algorithms to crunch the data and provide a solid evaluation for each story’s audience potential.

If you feel like you fit the mold of a Story Pro and earn please sign up here.

Democratizing the way
copyright content is

Agents serve a function, but Storyagent will provide just what Agents offer, and more...

Agents “separate the wheat from the chaff,” accepting the best stories only, so Producers feel confident that anything coming from an Agent is worth their attention. Storyagent offers the same “filter,” through our Story Desk, who will not allow any story to be offered on our platform if it does not meet our standards.

But we provide the added value of crowd-ratings through our Story Pros, so that each story is filtered by a Story Desk and then rated by a group of Story Pros. All at far less than the cost of an Agent, and infinitely faster.

Copyright on the Blockchain!

Once a story is submitted and approved, it goes on the Blockchain.

The first block is created containing vital information about ownership, time of creation and all the content of the story.
All further transactions, such as options and purchases of story rights, are placed in new blocks containing new ownership rights.
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Storyagent is the first platform that offers copyright protection based on Blockchain technology.

This protocol will provide the fastest and most transparent source of information regarding a story that was initially created on Storyagent.

Market demand for
fresh stories

High demand for stories!

Roughly 50,000 screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America each year. As of 2018 the global film industry is worth $136 billion. Streaming platforms produce enormous amounts of original content and will dominatef produced content in 2020. Netflix alone produced more content in 2019 then the whole TV industry did in 2005. It released 371 shows and movies in 2019, a 54,6 increase from 2018 when they produced as many as 240 shows.

The Video On Demand market is expected to grow from $25.30 billion in 2014 to $61.40 billion in 2020. The VOD market is anticipated to be highly concentrated byf big players including Netflix, Inc., Amazon Inc., ZTE Corporation, Muvi LLC and some others.
With a growing number of professionally structured stories on Storyagent, it is not a question of if but when they will be optioned or bought, then developed and produced.

Storyagent is swiftly becoming the most trusted platform where Storytellers connect with Producers and vice versa.

How do I submit a story?

It’s so simple, anyone can submit, whether you’re a seasoned writer or someone with a great idea who’s just getting started!

To submit a story, you can paste in and upload material you’ve already written. Alternatively, if you need a hand, the platform will guide you to write your story using the three-act story structure.
The platform uses two very simple story structure submission protocols. One for feature film and TV and the other for a documentary or docu-series narrative.


Can somebody steal my story?
When storytellers submit their story, they automatically receive copyright protection for which we use blockchain technology. The moment the story is approved by our Story Desk department, the first block is created in the system. The only users who can view stories are pre-vetted Producers. And we track every story they have viewed. So, if your story was used without your consent, we can provide you with proof of who viewed your story and when, so you can use that information in your legal case.
How can I join the Storyagent team?
As Storyagent grows, we are looking for the Story Desk team from all over the world. The job requires some knowledge of storytelling, writing and editing, and we put every candidate through a training process. Sign Up
Who is a Storyteller?
Anybody who has a story and wishes to see that story turned into a film, TV series, documentary or docu-series. Storytellers are usually authors, writers, aspiring writers, journalists and investigative reporters. Storyagent makes the process of writing your story easy, so people without writing experience can simply submit their idea, vision and story. It is very convenient for individuals from all walks of life who may have witnessed extraordinary, tragic or heroic events, or had great ideas, to copyright them, offer them to Producers, and gain legal protection over them.
Who are Producers?
They are individuals or companies which back a story with finances and take a story through stages of development, production, marketing and release.
Can I paste in a prewritten story?
Absolutely! All your pre-written work can be submitted to Storyagent. Just follow the story submission protocol then copy and past away.
Can I submit my story anonymously or pseudonymously?
You can, but in general producers prefer to know the authors by name. We have a system in which you can submit without your real name, but you will need to include an email address at which we can contact you, and optioning producers will likely need to have your real information. But if it helps you to initially submit with a pseudonym, you will be able to in the near future.
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