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Our Story

Two friends set out to disrupt the traditional talent agent in the way they represent writes. Tomi and Noah use contemporary technology to give aspiring writers a platform where they can connect and sell their work directly to the filmmaking industry and cut the monster middlemen know as the agent.

Act One:
Our creative world is inhibited by the iron hand of Agents. They are overly-controlling, cost more than they need to, and move so slowly that we, in the creative industry, feel inhibited. Two buddies, Tomi and Noah, brainstorm about a way to break free. Their brainstorm yields a lightning bolt. An idea that could change it all…
Act Two:
Light of hope shines on the horizon, as Tomi gathers a group of bold creators, programmers, designers and investors to realize an idea that could overthrow the regime of the Agents. It is Storyagent. It’s a cloud-based web platform that does everything that Agents do, but more quickly, for less money, with greater transparency and with loads of added value.
Act Three:
Agents tremble before Storyagent and retreat to their lairs. Storyagent is an open, safe, trusted and far more democratic platform. Creators and Producers rejoice. Tomi orders another round at the bar. Fade to black.