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Noah Charney
Best selling Pulitzer nominated author
Storyagent is the future of writer to producer interactions.
It is the best way forward for producers, who can browse top level brand new stories to option for film and tv, instead of waiting for one submission at a time from traditional agents.

For writers or anyone with an amazing story to tell, this is what you've been waiting for. Skip the slow motion bottleneck of agents and upload your ideas directly to this easy to use platform. Producers will find you. Storyagent streamlines the whole process in a revolutionary way. It's about time the path between writers and producers was reimagined. Storyagent is the answer.
Ante Novakovic
Screenwriter, Director & Producer
Storyagent is an amazing and very much needed application that fits seamlessly into the story development, script to screen, aspect of the entertainment industry on so many levels.
First and foremost the need for development is greater than ever due to the amount of content created.

The difference between a script, story, book's future is squarely guided by its development. The guidance, structure and accessibility proposed in the app would be priceless to a creative throughout any phase of their development process.

What makes this platform unique and necessary is that there is no one platform that does everything this one does. For instance the process of a vetted focus group that offers feedback becomes the virtual audience/test group, invaluable data that translates directly into evaluation of sales. The demographic potential is massive in regards to scaling and defining areas of interest. I can't say enough good things about what and how this platform could transform the streamlining of creative to completed projects.